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  • Delhi-Based Video Q&A Platform Frankly Raises $600,000 From Matrix Partners

    “We are trying to create a place for more meaningful conversations that have more than 140 characters,” he says. “We believe YouTube is a great platform for hosting and broadcasting, but it’s not a conversation platform. It’s a one-way communication tool.”

  • Javed Akhtar answers fan's question about battling with alcoholism through a social media application

    User 'Adit829' asked Javed Akhtar "Sir, i see you as my motivator and i always look forward to you also know that you worked hard to quit alcohol, please tell me also, how to quit it?"

    Javed Akhtar's answer was a very thoughtful and wise one. He said that one has to understand just how much in control they are and that at any point, they feel that the intoxication is taking control, it is that moment that one should stop.

  • Video Q&A site raises $600k to engage public figures

    The platform is up against rivals like Twitter and YouTube but the founders, Nikunj Jain and Abhishek Gupta, hope to create more meaningful conversations which can have more than 140 characters. They also hope to differentiate themselves by making two-way conversations easier. Questions submitted are up-voted by other users, so the most popular ones are more visible and hopefully answered. This system has been deployed on popular forums like Reddit.

  • raises $600k from Matrix to help connect users with public figures

    Frankly is currently in beta with around 25k registered users and Nikunj tells us that this number is growing at about 1500 users per day. Over 85 public figures are on the platform as of now including the likes of Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav, in the field of politics, Kunal Bahl, Naveen Tiwari and Avnish Bajaj when it comes to entrepreneurship in India, some popular DJs.

  • Startups like, SpotDy make most of Delhi elections and AAP's victory

    The main campaigners of the three main political parties in the running - the AAP's Arvind Kejriwal, the BJP's Kiran Bedi, and the Congress party's Ajay Maken - all used mobile video application to answer citizens' queries by video. "We saw 2,000 queries directed to about 55 politicians this election, whom we started engaging with in January," said co-founder Nikunj Jain, an alumni of IIT-Delhi.

  • Frankly.Me is an app that allows users to ask questions to celebrities, who then answer through video selfies.

    Another reason for liking Frankly.Me is the interface. The app has a simple yet good looking design. While it obviously looks good on high-end phones, Frankly.Me seems to have paid a lot of attention to the lower end smartphones as well. The app runs resonably smoothly on a budget device, with minimal lags and stutters.

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